Mental Arithmetic is Key to Your Child's Success

What is Mental Arithmetic?

The Abacus Mental Arithmetic is based on a proven Japanese method utilizing the abacus. The program is designed for kids age 5-14. It is a fun and engaging way of quick mental calculations of large numbers

The most effective strategies for learning abacus mental arithmetic are incorporated into every session in a fun and engaging way by means of multimedia teaching


Using memory games, lots of hands-on activities, songs, individual and group challenges and supplementary Indigo online platform practice, young children and even adults will gradually be able to perform speedy mental calculations

Mental Arithmetic

Arithmetic is remarkably important for helping young children build up a solid academic foundation. Teachers who work with young children know that it is not easy to introduce the concept of numbers and their values. It is a long learning process for young children to comprehend the concepts of mathematics when presented only in the abstract form. By abstract it means using nothing but brain power to solve problems. It is difficult for children to comprehend numeric relationships without using a concrete object such as the abacus beads to relate numerical values.

Lily, 6 years old

Lily is one of our younger students at only five! Here at Indigo Mental, she learned how to mentally calculate large arithmetic problems using our unique teaching method

Anisia, 10 years old

Anisia is one of our top students. Watch the video as she plays the flute and calculates large numbers simultaneously

Daniel, 12 years old

In this video, Daniel calculates arithmetic problems while reciting a poem

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Zebo - Owner Indigo Mental USA

Masha - Head Instructor

Margarita - Instructor

Iuliia - Instructor

Saodat - Instructor

Lorena - Instructor

Marianne - Advisor

Jordana - Advisor

Flor - Instructor

Tania - Advisor

Lorena - Instructor

Marianne - Advisor

Jordana - Advisor

Iuliia - Instructor

Saodat - Instructor

Benefits of Mental Math

  • - Improves the speed of computing and logical reasoning

  • Builds stronger memory

  • - Promotes longer concentration span

  • - Enhances imagination skills and photographic memory

  • - Creates higher learning capabilities and boosts self-esteem

  • - Increases the level and speed of comprehension
  • - Improves visualization and abstract thinking

  • - Sharpens sound and hearing skill

  • - Reduces stress and makes learning fun

Common Questions

What is Indigo Mental Arithmetic Club Online Practice?

Online platform is an access provided to eligible students for revising and practicing abacus questions online. It is a supplementary tool used to complement face-to-face zoom classes with instructors. It is not a means for distance learning without attending regular classes.

What session times are available?

Most of our classes are available after school on weekdays and Saturdays to suit schedule that works best to you.

How does learning mental arithmetic help in school mathematics?

For children to do well in math, they need to develop their ability in calculation. Learning abacus mental arithmetic can quickly enhance their competency in calculation.

What Parents are Saying

We are very pleased that our daughter Ivanna is studying at your school. We were a little worried that she will not understand the method but everything turned out great 👍. We will be very pleased if other children, after watching our videos will love mathematics as much as our Ivanna.

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